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I’m Dave Wilson, the “narrow minded bigot” that Annise Parker refers to in the letter she sent out to homosexuals and lesbians in San Francisco to raise money to continue to promote the homosexual agenda. When Parker was running for mayor, she promised that she would not use her position to promote the homosexual lifestyle. She has failed to keep her word. For example, one of her most important appointments to date involves George Greanias the CEO of METRO. While at work at METRO, Greanias visited the following porn sites:

WARNING! WARNING! WARNING! These sites are so disgusting that they will be not linked to this site. Open at your own risk. They are sick.

Source Houston Press

How many other appointments like Greanias has Annise Parker made? George Greanias is still CEO at METRO. Do you think that if he had been a heterosexual visiting porn sites, that he would still be CEO?

Dave Wilson believes that one should choose a candidate based on their capability, not on their sexual preference.


Annise Parker Letter to Homosexuals and Lesbians

Imagine Rick Perry sending a message to his supporters stating that the most significant part of his election as Governor is - I am White.

Annise Parker has been i office over 13 years and still does not know what is happening

The full Text of Annise Parker's letter.

Dave Wilson a successful hard working businessman that is not afraid to fight for what he believes.

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