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1992 - Challenges Bob Lanier because he feared that Bob Lanier would encumber the future of his children, it came true at the time Bob Lanier was taking money from the Water and Sewer fund for other projects, $100,000,000. Those $100,000,000 are all gone that is why you see those broken water mains every where. There is no money in the fund to replace or fix them.

1996 - Files suit to stop HISD Bond Election.

1996 - Files ethics complain against John Peavy as Council Member - complaint was upheld and Peavy resigned.

1996 - Files suit to remove Billy Burge from Metro Board for exceeding term limits- Burge stepped down.

2001 - Gathers over 20,000 signature for referendum preventing same sex benefits - the referendum passed.

2003 - Files suit to compel State Senator John Whitmire to return to Texas, to do what his job as elected official required.

2003 - Wilson is clearly unhappy with Speaker Tom Craddick (Speaker of the House). So much so, in fact, that he has initiated his own automated telephone effort targeting Craddick's house district based in Midland as well as legislative offices in Austin. Off the Kuff

2008 - Dave Wilson returns the $1,200 Economic Stimulus Payment check to help pay off the public debt.

2011 - Files suit to prevent Houston Community College from purchasing property in excess of its value- still pending.

Dave Wilson, a relentless public watchdog, Houston Chroincle

Dave Wilson, a relentless public watchdog ... filed complaints against Boney and Brown with the district attorney, alleging misuse of public resources.

Contacted in Arkansas last week, where he's installing new awnings on gas stations, Wilson said he doesn't want to see Boney and Brown in jail, he just wants them to stop doing what they're doing.

"What the hell ever happened to being a public servant?" Wilson said. "If people like me weren't out there watching, these politicians would run nuts, they'd run totally wild."

Wilson said he wished more people cared to pay attention to what's happening with their tax money. What really burns him up, Wilson said, is general indifference.

"If we don't keep after them, it's going to be `Katie, bar the door!' " Wilson said. Houston Chronicle