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The City of Houston is on the brink of bankruptcy. I was in a very similar situation back in the 1980’s. I was looking to expand my business. I over-extended myself by taking on too much debt. I bought the latest trucks, equipment, and tools to grow my business. I hired too many employees. I paid them too much, and gave them lucrative benefits that I could not sustain. I had too many middle managers, and not enough workers.

As you know, the economy took a nose dive in the mid 80's. My revenue dropped. A couple of my customers went bankrupt and left me holding the bag. One of my employees had a fatal accident and my workers comp insurance skyrocketed.

I was in a position where I could not meet my obligations. The same position the City of Houston is in today. I owed the IRS, the bank, and many suppliers. I considered filing for bankruptcy, but I chose not to. I decided that I would tough it out.

Instead of filing for bankruptcy, I sold my homestead and moved into an apartment. I paid off the IRS liens with the proceeds from the sale of my house. I sacrificed to pay off the bank and the suppliers. The most difficult thing I had to do was to lay off employees and cut the salaries of those who stayed.

The City of Houston is in the same shape that I was back then. We are facing some of the most difficult challenges in recent memory. The current economic downturn, increased expenses, and a pension plan that is unsustainable require a hard look at the city’s operating costs, equipment, personnel and other expenses. The present mayor, as the city controller and as a member of city council, has had 14 years to address the city’s economic crisis, and she hasn’t done it, and it’s gotten worse.

Our economic reality demands that we take action. I know that we can work our way out of this mess. There are no easy answers. We all have to make sacrifices, and sacrifices start at the top. For starters, as your mayor, I will cut the mayor’s salary in half; cut the mayor’s staff in half and cut city council’s staff in half. We cannot expect others down the line to sacrifice, if we are not willing to make sacrifices ourselves. We must address city expenses, lobbyists, those who have contracts simply because they make political contributions, use of city vehicles and many other expenses. All of these costs reductions must be explored first before laying-off any city employees.

We need a Mayor with principles and sound business judgment. By participating together in the decision-making process, we can change our future. Our city needs a Mayor we can believe in, and trust. I AM THAT PERSON. I have experienced the tough times. I know how to meet the challenges ahead. And together, we can work to repair the city’s financial crisis in order to build a better future for our children.

Thank you for your support, and consideration.


Dave Wilson



Dave Wilson - Niels Esperson Building (Gulf Building)

Dave Wilson For Mayor

Dave Wilson a successful hard working businessman that is not afraid to fight for what he believes.

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